Our Mission

1KL. One Kids Library, One Kindle Library
Change a child. Change a city. Change the world.

At 1KL, we know the importance of literacy. Whether it is in a faraway country, or in our home countries, knowledge is crucial to everyone's future. Not only are we referring to literacy in reading, but literacy in learning, knowledge, and life skills. That is why at 1KL, we strive to make a change in the world by giving e-books and educational software on e-readers and PCs to kids in need-they are the future generation, and one day, they will be the leaders of our world. Are we ready?

  • That equals about 1,144,800,000 people worldwide.

  • Is the weight of one e-reader (holding up to 1200 e-books)

  • Is the total weight of 1200 paper books

  • Is enough to support up to 10 e-books for kids in need

The 1KL Movie

Current Number of E-Books Sent Worldwide